Adult Guardianship

Adult Guardianship / Conservatorship

When a loved one or family member suffers from a mental illness, brain injury, or cognitive decline, or is in an incapacitated state due to stroke, coma, or other physical ailment, there may come a time when he or she is no longer capable of making sound decisions. It can be a difficult family moment, or personal crisis, when you realize that someone else must be placed in charge of your family member’s or spouse’s affairs. This is where guardianships, conservatorships, and protective proceedings may be used.

In Maine, a court may appoint a guardian for an individual who is incapacitated and unable to make or communicate responsible decisions regarding his or her physical person. The Probate Court may appoint a conservator or other more limited fiduciary in protective proceedings for an individual who is unable to manage his or her money and property. The Law Firm of Vogel & Dubois is prepared to represent the applicant, the incapacitated person, or any interested party family member in such court proceedings. We have substantial experience dealing with contested matters and family disputes during what can become a contentious matter for otherwise cooperative families.

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