Public Benefits Law

Public Benefits Law (SSA, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid / MaineCare)

At The Law Firm of Vogel & Dubois we help our clients plan for long-term care using proven asset protection strategies and long-term care plans. We may assist with Social Security retirement benefit eligibility, veterans’ benefits, or Social Security disability benefits or refer to a specialist in those areas for appeals. We may advise on health insurance, Medicare, or community MaineCare health coverage. And we represent seniors and fiduciaries in application, qualification and appeals for MaineCare long-term care financial assistance (Medicaid) to pay for nursing home care, assisted living / boarding home care, and home based nursing care (waiver program).

When we represent clients in establishing MaineCare eligibility, protecting a spouse, protecting a home, and protecting assets, we do so because we know that a family can be placed at risk if everything is consumed in paying for very expensive or lengthy care. The regulations and law that govern these government programs are complex, the application process intimidating and overwhelming, and the DHHS bureaucracy can be daunting. We can help you protect your family, your home, and your savings by advance planning and proven Medicaid protection strategies. We also do crisis MaineCare planning when your family member needs placement, or is running out of funds to pay. See us as soon as you can – advance planning for public benefits is always best.

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