and Non-Traditional Family Law

Though everyone needs legal plans for family, incapacity and their estates - lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, and queer persons (LGBTQ) and non-traditional couples (unmarried, polyamorous, mixed minority and blended families) stand to lose the most if basic legal planning is overlooked. The Law Firm of Vogel & Dubois has the experience, the network, and the proven legal guidance in Maine and nationally that will empower LGBTQ persons and non-traditional families to leave the legacy they want, on their terms.

Incapacity and estate legal planning can help guard against discrimination when others are reluctant to recognize or give respect to who you are, to your relationship or your family. Even if you are married, if you fail to plan properly with redundant and confirming legal authorities for your family members, the results could be devastating to your spouse, partner(s) and family members. You want to be sure that your plans will give you the broadest ability to make decisions for each other, about care, about property, to provide access – as you may encounter resistance or hostility to your rights as a married couple, or to the relationship and family you have built.

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