Probate of Descendents Estate

Probate of a Decedent’s Estate

Probate is a court process for closing out a loved one’s affairs after their passing. Assets and property are gathered by the appointed fiduciary, and after payment of creditors, distributed to beneficiaries according to the decedent’s Last Will and Testament or Maine intestacy law. Probate does not need to be complicated, but likely you will want to be represented by an attorney if you are the fiduciary appointed in the Will, called the Personal Representative.

The Law Firm of Vogel & Dubois handles estates both with and without a Will, both informal (not contested) and formal (contested), when there are creditors, and when there is property to be sold. Some estates also involve trusts for family property, pets, disabled children, or a surviving spouse or partner. Let us help you navigate the process in what is always an emotional and difficult journey.

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