Special Needs Trusts

Special Needs Trusts

The Law Firm of Vogel & Dubois also can help you create estate plan solutions for family members with disabilities. If you have a disabled child or family member, your life consists of navigating caregiver services, housing, public benefits, and ensuring access to means-tested public benefits including Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and MaineCare. We can help if you need assistance in these areas.

But what will happen when you age, if you become disabled, or when you are gone? How will your disabled family member get along? Who will assist them? We can help you form a plan by appointing a Trustee and protecting assets in a first or third party special needs trust, or assisting with establishing a sub-account in the Maine Pooled Disability Trust. A special needs trust is a trust tailored to a person with special needs that is designed to manage assets for that person’s benefit while not compromising access to important government benefits. It should be part of a plan to create a team to assist them, when you can no longer do so.

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